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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  February 10, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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the people? >> there was one passenger that was out of the car already talking to 911. the driver was still inside of the car bleeding from his head. he was conscious but clearly in pain. >> reporter: now, both young men in this vehicle have now been take ento the hospital. the passenger was taken to the hospital first, apparent he just scratches -- apparently just scratches. the driver, more injuries, possible spinal injuries. they had to move him up the hill carefully. a helicopter came up from napa and land here, narrow, tricky landing for that pilot. and they were able to load that passenger up and take him to the trauma center. now, i want to give you an idea how steep this road is. you can see the guardrail here. nice and solid guardrail. where the accident happened there was no guardrail. you can see how steep the terrain is. it is similar to what the firefighters had to deal with. a hro lot of rescue equipment and things like that to get -- a lot of rescue equipment and
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things like that to get there. passenger and driver survived this and the road will be reopened probably in the next hour or so. so, we will have to move from our location here and we will report back at 6:30. >> all right, thank you. new details in the hunt for an ex-cop waging war on the los angeles police department. a huge reward is offered for his capture. the search is in its 5th day. and no sign of christopher dorner. edward lawrence is in los angeles, edward? >> reporter: this will be the largest reward that is going to be offer inside it case in la city history. now, meanwhile there have been no new leads in finding christopher dorner. >> reporter: for the first time since the murders started a reward is offered for the kapture of christopher dorner. >> this group is posting a reward of $1 million for information that will he'd to mr. tkorpber's -- lead to mr.
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dorner's capture. >> reporter: he murder approximated three people in revenge for being -- murdered three people in revenge for being fired. he was fired for reporting a fellow officer for accessive force. the investigation was reopened into that claim and agreed to talk to dorner about it. >> if he were to give himself up we would be glad to throeufpb what he has to say. >> reporter: in big bear, california, -- glad to listen to what he has to say. >> reporter: in big bear, california, they changed up their search for him. a new task force based here at lapd headquarters. >> help us find him before he is able to kill again. >> reporter: dorner's victims are remembered. a moment of silence at the women's basketball game because
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monicca kwan should have been on the bench. >> everyone remembers her for her smile. a beautiful smile. >> reporter: she was murdered and her fiancee a week ago starting his revenge killing. >> reporter: and this afternoon riverside police released the name of the officer that the police chief says dorner murdered. his name was michael crane. 34 years old. 11 year veteran of the force in riverside and a former marine. he will be buried on wednesday. reporting live in los angeles, back to you. >> now, the focus is still on big bear there, edward. if they keep coming up empty what is next? where are they moving to next? >> reporter: that is one of the things investigators are trying to figure out. i can tell you that there are 50 families that are connected to this case in the l.a. area. families of lapd officers who are protected right now and the polices chief says those families will continue to be protected. they are trying to cover all of their bases. lapd is on alert today. the officers are running in
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pairs so they do not think the threat is over. they are scaling back as you heard that search in big bear. so, they are very worried in this area and hope to find him, soon. >> all right, edward, thank you. also in the news, millions of people digging out from up to 3 feet of snow after the massive blizzard that hit the northeastern states. more than 300,000 homes and businesses are still waiting for the lights and heat to come back on. that is down from 650,000 customers yesterday. the crews are making progress with clearing the streets. but, the next challenge is getting rid of all of the snow that piled up all over town. >> hook at it. people there are to help us. and air travel is also beginning to get back to normal including at sfo after the airlines canceled more than 5,000 flights yesterday and
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friday. widening south 880 to marina boulevard. adding a high-occupancy vehicle lane and to reconstruct the the overpasses. closures and on and off-ramps between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. the price of a pump -- the price at the pump jumped up. says average regular is $3.57. the cheapest is in sacramento at $3.32. the most expensive, l.a. at $4.10. in an fran $4.04. a new beginning. a new fortune. >> or is it? year of the snake as seen major tragedies in the past. how many people feel about the new year that begins today. and we are just hours away
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from music's biggest night. coming up we will take you to the red carpet for the star's arrival.
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celebrating the lunar new year in thailand today. thousands
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of people gathered in dragon park, about 75 miles north of bangkok, to start the new year. 2013 is they are celebrating the new year in thailand today. 2013 is the year of the snake. and here in the bay area people are also celebrating. >> that is right. as kpix reporter tells us the year of the snake can sometimes be a dangerous one. [music] >> reporter: it is the most important time of the year for the chinese-speaking world. >> it is a new beginning. a new fortune. >> reporter: this family is bringing in a new year in san francisco's chinatown. >> we like to come down and celebrate the chinese new year, cooking, eating, celebrating. >> have you gotten your redden srel open yet? >> yes. i have gotern four from friends
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-- red envelope yet? >> yes, i have gotten four from friends. >> when there is red it gives everything bad from last year and puts it away and everything is a brand-new start. >> reporter: the start of the year of the snake. >> to be honest the snake is not the most loveable animal of the zodiac. >> the september 11th terror attacks fell in the year of the snake as did the protest in beijing and the bombing of pearl harbor. but people we spoke to are not worried. >> it is all in the past. better future is to come. >> you don't have concerns about the snake? >> no. no. i love snakes. we sometimes eat them, too. >> reporter: people were in the mood for something sweeter
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here. >> a special treat. they make them very special and everybody has their own special thing. like you have also mel onis important. >> reporter: whatever your pick the hope for a better year ahead shines through. [speaking in foreign language] >> reporter: in san francisco, back to you. it is weather trivia time, what do all of these places have in common? all having the driest start to the year. here is a shot of the bay bridge. any chance of rain in the next 7 days, the answer, next
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stars and big name collaborations. the big event got under way about 45 minutes ago. bigad shaban is on the red carpet in l-a. bigad? bigad shaban, thanks. (new the grammys got underway 45 minutes ago. we are on the red carpet in loss loss. >> yes. good to -- in los angeles. we are 45 minutes into the award show. without spoiling too much. for those who plan to watch it later. fans can expect to see 20 performances tonight from rhianna and elton john. and we can tell you someone even makes it rain on stage. >> reporter: music's biggest stars are in los angeles for the 55th annual grammy awards. >> the grammys it feels like
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one big amazing concert. [music] >> reporter: country star taylor swift is excited about opening the show. >> you get to perform and watch the show stress free. >> reporter: justin timberlake will take the stage for his solo comeback. [music] >> reporter: the group "fun" is expected to have a big night. they are performing and nominated for 6 awards including best new artist and album of the year. >> for it to be our first time and to experience it like this, it is crazy. >> reporter: country singer hunter hayes has three nominations. >> you are the youngest nominee for the best new artist. >> am i really? >> crazy. how does that feel at 21? >> i feel young. >> reporter: the grammys is an award show but many of the buzz is about the performances and the collaboration. >> i love that. i think that is what mus sick supposed -- music is supposed to be about. elton john will take the stage
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with ed shiran. >> reporter: alicia keys and maroon5 will team up. >> i think that it will definitely live up to its name as music's biggest show. [music] >> reporter: this year ll cool j will do double duty. serving as host and one of the featured performers. and unlike previous years there is not an "it" nominee or performer. the focus is on up and coming artists. live in los angeles, back to you. >> should be quite the show, all right, thank you. 55th annual grammy awards airs tonight at 8:00, immediately he following "60 minutes" and stay tuned for the special edition of kpix news at 11:30. >> we will be here. even if you know who won. you have to see these acts perform. >> yes. like the world's best free concert. >> yes. fabulous. >> yes. what is fabulous today, the
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weather. chilly to start, yes, getting down near freezing and we will do it again tonight. what great weather to get outside and cozy on up next to the television and watch television. yes, here we go. san jose, sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. a record lowdown near freezing. the current temperatures outside. we have the upper 50s for concord, livermore, san jose, at 56, san francisco, 54, santa rosa, right now, the mild spot at 60 degrees. another chill he night tonight. reminder, it is still early february. we are going to get mild later this week, clear skies, radiational cooling. cold, chose to freezing for fremont, concourt, mountain view, san jose and napa down to that degrees. you have seen this before. i just told you many communities are experiencing the driest, driest, never this dry to start the year, kpix-5 is dry once again. the snowpack, dropping, down to 81% of normal. that is 55% lower than what we were six weeks ago. let's talk about this week coming up. we had one big dome of high
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pressure that will keep us dry all weeklong. you can see the clouds, everything moving north to south. that is because the high pressure is off to the west. as it stays off to the west we are protected by it. getting the cooling influence of air over alaska and british columbia. so, mornings will be cold. and the next couple of days we will struggle to make it in the low 60s in the afternoon. now, high pressure inches closer, we will stay dry all weeklong. by the end of the week, the temperatures near 70 degrees. some of you in the south bay will likely hit 70 coming up on thursday and friday. we are warmer each day. tomorrow through friday. not a drop in sight. watch out for the cold mornings. for the kids at the bus stop, give them a jacket. now, average high this time of the year, 60, concord, tell feel nice and 59. below normal. san jose, 62 tomorrow. coopertino, 58. tomorrow, sunny, berkeley,
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hitting 60. sunshine and 61 degrees. look at the numbers as we hit the end of week. those numbers are inching closer to 70. we will stay there this up coming weekend. for everybody out there that likes rainfall there is not a drop of rain for the next seven- days. if if the forecast went five days longer it will be dry. a dry pattern. sunny, too. >> yes. >> every time i go to pebble beach it rains. dinot go this year. >> i did not go this year. you are welcome. >> yes. you missed great weather down there. >> yes. even i was down there for a couple of days. [ laughter ] coming up, he lost the super bowl but hey, jim harbaugh had a shot at winning the pro am team title. could anybody catch a fellow by the name of brant?
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save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. closed captioning brought to you by sleep train wishing you a happy valentines day. today, alameda's james hahn... ...& ed golf up top. pebble beach has been the big dog this week. leaders at the start of business today, hahn and the world's 6th ranked player, brant snedicker. loves this shot. and the scores, they were low. par 5, 2nd. going forward in 2. that is a man's shot. [ laughter ] >> he would sink this putt for
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an eagle. meantime, hahn goes forward in 2. he is on the money. but, here is the difference. one was made and was one bird. a stroke back. then on the 5th. hahn gives another one back. as he blasts out of the sand. a little too far passed the hole. bogey, dropping at 13 under. it was huge. there he is at 11. at a 4-stroke lead. he could not make a move. here came chris kirk. no relation to captain kirk. 14 fairway, the pro shot, close. it sets up a birdie putt for 2 in the lead. he did not falter. he taps it in. 18, securing a 2-shot win. 7 under 65. final round, world ranking to number 4 with his 6th victory. now, there was a 3-way tie for
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third place between kevin, jimmy and james. the golfer, fired a 2 under 70. good for the former women's shoe salesman. we talked with snedeker just after his round. >> you got off to a great start. >> the first 6 holes here you need to make a great start. i did a great job. getting off to a good lead and playing solid golf from there on out. i made a mistake but after that, great golf. >> you win at at&t your game is at the best of your career what can this win do for you now? >> i am as confident as i have been. scary thing. i know everything i am doing is working. i know i am heading in the right direction and looking forward to what the rest of this year is going to hold and be a lot of fun and know i have a legitimate chance of winning.
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>> congratulations. i know you are in high demand. >> $1.17 million. he was the cochampion harbaugh and his partner finished for 6th. >> memorable thing, really, was -- i had dinner last night and sat across from clint eastwood. we had a nice conversation with him. and also phil mickelson was sitting at our table there. and that was pretty darn cool. and bill murry, my wife danced with bill. now, keeping steam rolling through the pac-12. the cardinals, hosting arizona
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state. another big game, 26 points, 14 rebounds. stanford up 7. 2nd half, they work it around. for bonnie. outside, 53 pointers, 19 points. winning it 69. 245. high scoring affair. but before we get to that let's get to donald trump courtside. my gosh. lebron james, the heat. doing it. for the los angeles lakers. howard, hey, 15 points, 9 rebounds, for the power on the inside. too many turnovers in the 4th period. and the heat took advantage. james, take it all of the way, man. >> that for king james. heat win it. 107-97. lakers are 4 games under 500 and the heat rolling with 5 straight wins. >> wow. >> yes. >> beautiful weather down there. i think we will see more of james what do you think? >> i think we will see more of
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dennis later on game day. >> was he down -- i got your back. i am teasing you. >> yes. down at mission ranch last night with the dinner and the coach and dancing? >> i am sure he was at parts unknown doing research, of course. >> yes. of course, always, always in the name of research. >> rubbing shoulders with clint eastwood. >> that will to it for us at 5:30. we will see you right back here in half an hour.
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>> jeff: tonight the northeast is recovering, but power outages and states of emergency remain in place after a blizzard drops more than three feet of snow over a wide area. manuel bojorquez reports. authorities now offering a million-dollar reward for the capture of the former los angeles police officer accused of killing three people. carter evans is following the manhunt. in a challenge to the white house, senator lindsey graham is
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vowing to hold up the nominations of chuck hagel to lead the pentagon and john brennan the c.i.a. and the incredible shrinking automobile: lucy craft in tokyo test-drives a new generation of microcar. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. the worst winter storm of the season has moved on. but the state of emergency has not. in six northeastern states, here is the latest tonight. the blizzard's death toll stands at 11. 357,000 customers remain without power. 40 million people across the region were affected. the storm dropped record or near record amounts of snow in many locations, with hamden connecticut, recording the single biggest total of all, 40 inches of snow. that's where manual bojorquez is


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